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Automatic Inventory Management

Makes managing inventory across multiple locations easy like a breeze. No manual work and stock remains in sync in real-time all the time across all locations

  • Manage all stock locations centrally with real-time inventory visibility
  • Transfer stock across multiple locations
  • Never run low. Automatic purchase orders generation before stock runs low
  • Manage all suppliers in one place
  • Set up new users roles and permissions for each location
  • Detailed inventory reporting across all locations
  • All inventory information available on your mobile

Distribution Operations Management

Manage all your business transactions, field employees and trade partners centrally from one place for your distribution operations.

  • Create invoices, shipments & returns with single click
  • Keep track of all your payments & recoveries with automatic reminders
  • Manage all customers and leads in one place
  • Track field staff location and movement during job hours
  • Automatic sale, profit and loss calculation
  • Monitor sales performance of your team (target vs achievement) in real-time
  • Connect and collaborate with your business partners and distributors with real-time visibility
  • Detail reporting on all business aspects

Field Operations On Mobile

Perform all your sales and distribution operations on mobile when on the field. No paper and manual work. All the data syncs in real-time and you have access to updated information on your finger-tips all the time.

  • Beautiful product catalog with all the information on your finger tips
  • Keep track of all your customers and leads visits
  • Know how much stock is available in real-time
  • Punch in new sale orders & returns on the spot
  • Record payments and print invoices & receipts on the spot
  • Customer and product sales history to make informed decisions on field
  • Keep track of your own sales performance on the go

TradeUnleashed for Retail

TradeUnleashed makes managing and growing your multi location retail business very easy by automating all aspects of your business with powerful set of tools. Growing your retail business is now as easy as adding a new location and rest is automated and connected centrally.

  • Sell faster with our smart point of sale
  • Maintain & create customers with every sale
  • Manage multiple retail stores from one location
  • Send stock replenishment requests to head office before stock runs low
  • Detailed store wise reporting on every business aspect
  • Identify low and high running items for each location
  • Assign roles and permission in each store
  • All retail business information on your mobile in real-time

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Trade Unleashed

Powerful set of supply chain tools to help you take complete control of your business.

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